Hair Wig, Mono Filament Wigs, Wigs Shop, Wig Dealers In Hyderabad :

Hair Wig, Mono Filament Wigs, Wigs Shop, Wig Dealers In Hyderabad
Unlike most of the Hair Wig, Mono Filament Wigs, Wigs Shop, Wig Dealers In Hyderabad, the monofilament wigs are not made of cloth instead made of polyester or nylon material. It is into this polyester or nylon material that the hair is sewn. The monofilament wigs are mainly used by women with sensitive scalps as they do not irritate the scalp like normal wigs with a cloth cap. The hair on the monofilament wig is knotted by hand on to the nylon or polyester material, piece by piece. This wig also has a fitting on the back that allows the wearer to adjust it to the head. Since the hair is weaved on to the cloth strand by strand, the wearer can part the hair and brush the hair in any direction and still achieve a natural look. Monofilament wigs look more natural when compared to the other wigs allowing the scalp to breathe by giving it space.This wig will totally change Your Look.

Main Points For Mono Filament Wigs :

  1. Shine Hair Studio will provide 100% Human Hair Wigs
  2. We are “SPECIALIZED DEALERS” for Wigs
  3. wigs are Cap type.Easy to remove and fixed
  4. Daily usage. No sweat and No itching
  5. Easy to wash and use.
  6. These wigs will give Natural Look
  7. Easy to comb and you can try different Hair Styles.
  8. No service is needed
  9. Wig Quality is based on Price.
  10. There are four types of wigs   *Human Hair Wigs   *Synthetic Wigs  *Rummy Hair Wig  *Multi-Person Hair Wig
  11. All types of Human Hair Wigs are Customised wigs and Synthetic Hair Wigs are manufactured.
  12. Based on your Hair type wigs are provided like curly, wavy and Stright
  13. Try this Hair Wig, Mono Filament Wigs, Wigs Shop Wig Dealers In Hyderabad and enhance your look.